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I. Product Overview:

Modular Rainwater Tank is also called rainwater soakaway crates, or stormwater infiltration tank or retention tank, detention tank and attenuation tank. Doctor Rain Rainwater Harvesting Module is a part of the rainwater utilization system, which can effectively collect and store rainwater. Rainwater resources collected through Doctor Rain Rainwater Module can be used to wash toilets, sprinkle pavement, irrigate lawns, water landscape, and even be used for circulating cooling water and fire fighting water. It can alleviate the current shortage of urban water resources, and is an effective way to open source and save water.


II. Specification

Model No. YBS-M1000B
Size 1000x500x400mm
Weight 16kg/tank
Void Ratio 95%
Storage Capacity 200L/tank
Load Capacity 300KN/m2 - 650KN/m2
Temperature -30℃-120℃
Material 100% Recyclable PP
Color Black

Vertical Loading Capacity Test Report

No. Product Name  Loading Capacity (kN) Loading Capacity per sqm (kN/m^2) Received 500000.000mm^2(mm^2)
1   205.53 411.059 500000


Lateral Loading Capacity Test Report

No. Product Name  Loading Capacity (kN) Loading Capacity per sqm (kN/m^2) Received 400000.000mm^2(mm^2)
1   56.63 141.575 400000


Packing Details:

The following quantity is for goods loaded in a 40ft HC container

(1). One full container only loaded with top-bottom module
128x20+192x2=2944 (module) ,2944/2=1472(tanks)
(2). One container mixed with top-bottom module and side plates
128*19+192=2624(module), 2624/2=1312 (tanks)
320*2+480=1120  (side plates)
(3). One container mixed with top-bottom module and big buckles.
128*22=2816 (module),  2816/2=1408 (tanks)
15000*2=30000 (big buckle)
(4). One container mixed with top-bottom module and small buckles.
128*22=2816 (module) 2816/2=1408 (tanks)
28000*2=56000 (small buckle)
(5). One container mixed with top-bottom module and top covers.
128*22=2816 (module) 2816/2=1408(tanks)
3000*2=6000 (top cover)
128pcs/pallet, one tank made up of 1 top module and 1 bottom module. Top module and bottom module are exactly the same.

III. Advantages:

Flexible Design: The size and shape of the underground pool which made of of the modular rainwater tank can be assembled according to the need of the site.
High Loading Capacity: the vertical loading capacity of the rainwater modular tank can reach 90 tons, the lateral loading capacity can reach 62 tons.
High Void Ratio: the void space inside the rainwater tank reaches 95%,we can storage more water in it.
Long Service Life: The designd service life of the modular tank is 50 years.
Easy Installation: the assembling of the modular tank can be done just by hands, no large machines required.
Time Saving: one person can install 75 cubic meters each day.
Compact Storage: the modular tank can be piled on pallets, one 40'HC container can hold 294.4 cubic meters.
Environmental protection: the modular tank is made of 100% Recyclable PP
Money Saving: Compared with the traditional stainless steel and concrete pools, Doctor Rain's Rainwater Module reduces the time cost, transportation cost and later maintenance cost in many ways.

IV. Product Application:

Doctor Rain's rainwater collection pool covers a wide range of areas, including urban residential areas, municipal public roads, squares, Park greening, industrial parks and so on, saving limited external space. The rainwater collection module can be installed in the driving area and cover a greater depth in the driving area. Reasonable installation of the module in the driving area must be carried out at the request of professional engineers.

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