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Plastic Double Funnel Septic Tank

I. Product Overview: 
Doctor Rain's septic tank is a part of the rainwater treatment system. In the absence of municipal sewage treatment plants, local sewage treatment equipment attached to the building belongs to the initial stage of sewage treatment. It can remove 50% of the suspended impurities (feces, large pathogens, etc.) and decompose the sediment into a stable state under anaerobic conditions. After maturation, it can be used as agricultural fertilizer.

II Specifications:
Model No. YBSHFC-S1.0 YBSHFC-S1.2
Specification 1.0 CBM 1.2 CBM
Material PP PP
Structure Doubele Funnel Double Funnel
Inlet/Outlet Hole Size As demand As demand

III. Product characteristics:
1. PP septic tank is well sealed, and will never produce the phenomenon of breakage and slag formation caused by foundation settlement. It completely solves the problem of groundwater pollution caused by brick septic tank and ensures the reliable operation of septic tank and the role of anaerobic manure.
2. The structure design of products with high compressive strength is reasonable and the pressure is uniform. After more than 200 cycles of testing, the truck does not settle in the upper rolling and does not deform.
3. Small area, the product covers an area of about 45% of the traditional septic tank, saving land resources.
4. Installation and construction are convenient and can be assembled freely according to site requirements, and can be put into use within 2 hours after installation; 5. The treatment effect is good. The design of staggered layer on the bulkhead of the product is good. The original direct current flooding, smooth matrix transfer, application of anaerobic biological filter (AF) filling system, retains more biomass, and the sewage treatment capacity is doubled than that of the septic tank of the same volume. Upper;
5. Long service life. This product is resistant to humidity, acid and alkali, oxidation, high and low temperature without deformation. It has been used normally for more than 50 years.
6. Low overall cost of economic indicators is 80% of reinforced concrete structure, which is an environmental protection product promoted by urban construction departments.
IV. Product Application:
Doctor Rain's septic tank is widely used in urban residential areas, including residential buildings, office buildings, schools, sanatoriums, enterprise workshops, rural living rooms and other industrial and civil buildings of domestic sewage treatment facilities. This product has been widely used in all regions of the country, and can be installed in multi-angle interface according to the needs of sewage discharge.
V. Diagram

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