Rainwater Harvesting System
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Multi-function Control Cabinet

Rainwater multi-function control cabinet can automatically control the system, so that there is sufficient rainfall for utilization, and the whole system is more efficient and scientific.
1, To monitor the water level in the rainwater harvesting system.
2, To control all pumps in the system, so that they are more stable, reliable, energy saving, and can protect the pump from being idle or other problems.
3, While there is a water shortage, it can automatically purify and supply water.
4, When there’s not enough rainwater, it can switch to tap water supply automatically, to ensure rainwater system can work continually.
5, To control the work of the pump, so that they are under control when necessary.
Application scope:
Single tank rainwater storage system, dual tanks rainwater system with rainwater harvesting tank and tap water tank.

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