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UV Sterilizer

How it works

UV sterilizer uses a specially designed UV C light device, to generate UV C of high-efficiency, high-intensity and long life.When the water is polluted by bacteria, viruses and other subject, their DNA and structure is destroyed, by UV C light (wavelength 253.7nm), and none cells can grow any more, so as to achieve water disinfection and purification.


1, Fast sterilization, high efficiency, good effect, sterilization rate up to 99.99%.
2, Physical and chemical features of water will not be changed by UV light, nor will it cause any pollution. The operation is simple, and there are different flow types for users to choose. As for maintenance, simply replace the UV lamp and clean quartz tubes on a regular basis.
3, Significant advantages such as small size, light weight, low power consumption, long life, low operation and maintenance costs, compared with other methods of sterilization. It’s widely used.


Model Processing capacity
T / H
Diameter mm Power W Pressure MPa
120 9-10 50 120 0.6
150 12-15 50 150 0.6
200 18-20 65 200 0.6
240 22-25 80 240 0.6
300 26-30 80 300 0.6

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